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Do My Clients Like Me?

Most companies strive to get stellar reviews! It has never been easier to research items or companies

to find reviews for just about anything you need, places you want to visit, movies you want to see, or restaurants to go to for dinner. With all the accessibility of reviews, it can also be a bad thing if you get a few negative remarks.

Keeping your brand and your company in a good light is very important for EVERYONE. I know you are saying to yourself “I do employee benefits, there is no Yelp or Trip Advisor for my company”; but what if there was? Would you do anything differently? Given how fast things start on the internet it’s not long before there is a site dedicated solely to reviewing brokers, consultants, general agents, TPAs, Health Plans, you name it!

And really, shouldn’t we all strive daily to keep our customers happy, so they stay customers, give us referrals, and be a reference? I believe so! It’s not that hard to do if you put efficiencies in place to help your team achieve this daily goal!

Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Make sure all service questions are answered timely! This seems like an easy task but what is timely to you may not be timely to the customer!

  2. Communicate clearly a number and/or email your clients can use to reach anyone on your staff. Most of the time a generic support email or 800 number works well for this.

  3. Buy or create a customer service ticket tracking system for all service requests.

  4. Buy or create a customer relationship management system.

  5. Always communicate delays, holidays, and days off effectively to all clients, with back up plans should anything arise.

  6. Make sure all staff understand the escalation policy for certain service problems.

  7. Lastly, treat all clients like you would want to be treated!

Listening to your client’s needs, communicating quickly and often, and keeping lines of communication open will help you get great reviews!

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