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Case Studies
Find out how Caprock HealthPlans won business with CEEM
Find out how IMA transformed their eligibility management process with CEEM
Open Doors
Find out how CEEM opened doors for Lockard & Williams
Find out how Stirling Benefits is saving administrative hours and costs with CEEM
Working on Laptop
Find out how GBS increased efficiencies with CEEM
Always Accurate Information

"We use CEEM to centralize our enrollments and eligibility maintenance. CEEM’s highly organized processes, which include error checking, ensures we get our enrollments and eligibility correct from the start and they stay accurate. We use the billing processes to bill all the products our groups have elected for their employees."

Jim Williams, CEO

Lockard & Williams


Unprecedented East of Use

"With CEEM, enrollment has never been easier. With CEEM, maintaining eligibility has never been easier. Integrating with HR and payroll systems has never been easier. And reconciling eligibility across all these platforms — including with the carriers — has never been easier. I do not know what we would do without CEEM’s superior reconciliation process."

Mary Smith, CEO



Ongoing Dedicated Partner

"Coteva is a partner. Not all vendors are. They’ve customized the application to make it work with our processes, and are quick to respond when we need something different. The base system works great and we keep expanding what we do with them because they help us close new business and keep existing clients happy."

Jamie Stirling, CEO

Stirling & Associates


Flexible System for Complex Requirements

"We utilized Coteva’s implementation services, allowing us to offload this work from our employees. CEEM handles all our complex benefits, maintaining eligibility throughout. Our internet platform, and our marketing look and feel are critically important. CEEM’s flexible branding, custom content features and, most important, single sign-on with our portal HealthX, gives us the polished offering that we need and our groups expect."

Sylvia Bruno, VP of Operations



Expectations Exceeded

"Coteva has worked closely with us during our implementation and is readily available for support. CEEM truly has helped us to meet and exceed our brokers’ expectations across a wide array of complex benefit products. CEEM has also dramatically reduced calls to our customer service department. We use all of CEEM’s features, including enrollment, eligibility, billing and custom reports."

Rick Franklin, CEO



Complexity Handled Seamlessly

"We have implemented our most complex group on CEEM: 300+ divisions, 20,000+ plans across 2,600+ lives. CEEM handled this complexity seamlessly: enrollment, eligibility, consolidated billing … AR-AP. And Coteva has implemented requests to satisfy this and other groups. Coteva truly wants Caprock to be successful."

David Adams



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