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Is there anyone out there who truly enjoys auditing?

Auditing billing data can certainly be a drag. Most of time you are tying to find a needle in a haystack and what should take you a few minutes has now taken all day. Even more frustrating is when you find what you need, and you realized you have looked at the same spreadsheet twenty times and didn’t see it prior.

In the old days we had to manually compare bills on paper, without having the luxury of online data, copy and paste, or VLOOKUP. That took forever and we always wished there would one day be a better way.

It wasn’t long ago that I realized there was a better way. An online system that allowed you to import a bill from anywhere and compare it to data in your current software system. And it gets better! It also spits out a report with all the discrepancies. What?! Where have you been all my life?

It’s true, it is a billing reconciliation tool! And everyone should have one. Any good online eligibility system that also does billing consolidation must have one or it’s not worth buying. We have one within our CEEM system for administrators to use and boy do they use it.

Any built-in reconciliation software needs to be easy to use and most importantly save you time. Otherwise what is the point?

A good reconciliation tool will allow you to do the following:

  1. Map fields for auditing

  2. Save mapping profiles for future use

  3. Provide audit data in an easy to understand format

  4. Save audit data

  5. Compare not only billing data but eligibility data as well

A reconciliation tool can be a tremendous resource to keep all your data accurate against outside systems. Couple that with a robust online enrollment and eligibility management system and your data will never look better.

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