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Press Release 9/20/18

Healthx Partners with Coteva to Take its Engagement Orchestration Platform to the Next Level

Enrollment & Eligibility is now seamlessly integrated and managed through one platform

Indianapolis, IN: Coteva Enrollment and Eligibility Manager (CEEM) and Healthx have partnered to integrate CEEM into the Healthx Platform. CEEM provides end-to-end eligibility management with seamless data integrations for an easier, unified way to manage all benefits. This now gives users the ability to manage eligibility, produce consolidated bills, configure and streamline data exports, and view all Healthx data all from one configured, digital system. Wow was that a mouthful, but seriously, this is big news for healthcare as eligibility and enrollment are some of the most challenging pain points for health plans and TPAs today.


“The entire healthcare industry has some kind of solution to manage benefits, many of which are a bit disjointed, erroneously selecting ineligible coverages, not including required forms or abiding by age limits, missing a litany of information that then requires additional manpower, raising administrative costs significantly. Our partnership with Coteva shows the power of the Healthx Orchestration Platform and how it brings all healthcare technology tools into one place,” said Mike Gordon, Chief Strategy Officer at Healthx.


Al Lang, Founder and President of Coteva agrees and said, “We are always looking for ways to bring value to our clients by creating efficiencies and saving them administrative time and money, all with the same high level of service they have come to know.  This partnership accomplishes all of this and more.”


As Healthx continues to innovate through new products and partnerships its engagement orchestration platform extends beyond just portals.



About Healthx: At Healthx we empower the healthcare experience, helping people live longer, healthier lives while lowering healthcare costs by keeping health plans, members, and providers connected. Our platform orchestrates the complex healthcare journey by delivering personalized experiences that drive cost savings and improve quality of care. With Healthx, engaged members are healthier members, and healthier members significantly reduce healthcare costs.


About Coteva, Inc.: Coteva, Inc. was founded in 2004 by TPA Industry Professionals with over 50 years combined experience in the employee benefits industry.  Coteva’s primary focus at inception was providing data integration services to TPAs with various claims adjudication systems.  In 2008, CEEM (Coteva’s Enrollment and Eligibility Management system) was created to build on that focus and provide an affordable, best in class enrollment and eligibility solution for TPAs and Health Plans and their Brokers, Employers, and Employees.  CEEM eliminates the need for new hire and open enrollment paper applications, because employees make all elections and changes electronically.  Administrators then process their clients’ eligibility online, and CEEM’s robust export functionality gets that eligibility to the appropriate carriers and vendors in multiple file formats.   At the core CEEM provides end-to-end eligibility management with seamless data integration for an easier, unified way to manage employee benefits. If you would like to learn more, please contact Al Lang at 202-320-6202 or


CEEM is registered trademark of Coteva, Inc.

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